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Overview of services

Information, Advice & Brokerage Services

These services are run for people who need information and advice on a wide range of welfare, social and health related issues. DHI has a broad knowledge of housing and welfare benefits, as well as local services in your area.

Families and Carers Services

Our Families Also Matter groups works with people, helping them to learn more about drug treatment and develop new skills to manage problems and make decisions. We also promote the benefit of families becoming involved in treatment services whenever this is appropriate.

  • 1:1 counselling
  • Saturday Seminars
  • Family Group
  • Residential programme.

Housing and Support Services

DHI delivers services to support people in finding and maintaining safe, stable accommodation. In partnership with Knightstone Housing and Somer Community Housing Trust DHI manages four supported housing projects. Accommodation is provided for people who have experienced problems with substance use in the past, who are not currently using drugs or alcohol and benefit from support to remain abstinent. DHI floating Support services assist people in housing need to access housing and support them in managing and maintaining their accommodation by offering information and advice on benefits, budgeting and managing their debts. Money for the deposit and/or rent in advance is usually necessary to move into a private rented property. DHI runs two schemes which lend homeless clients the money to start a new tenancy.

Drug & Alcohol Harm Reduction Services

The Harm Reduction Service provides information and advice to people who may have immediate concerns or problems with their drug use. It includes a needle exchange service which provides mobile needle and syringe exchange for injecting drug users, screening for blood borne viruses and advice, support and information on reducing harm. We also have a stimulant service which is specifically for people using crack, cocaine and amphetamines. It provides quick assessment, key work and group work to support safer use of all stimulants.

Patient Support Service (Social Prescribing)

Working alongside GP surgeries the Patient Support Service at the Orchard Medical Centre supports people to improve their quality of life and increase confidence in managing their health. Patients can access the service if they have non clinical needs and would benefit from support to address them in the community.

Brokerage and Information Service

If you are eligible for funding from social services then please ask your social worker for more information or a referral to a Support Broker.This service assists people who are vulnerable (e.g. as a result of a learning or physical disability, mental health problem, older age etc.) who wish to plan and organise the support they need using their assigned budget.

Drug & Alcohol Structured Interventions

For those who have decided they wish to address problem drug or alcohol use, DHI delivers interventions which focus on the present and motivate people to use the skills they already have to achieve their goals and make meaningful changes in their lives.

Key working/care co-ordinating: Practical support with developing the personal skills to achieve goals and objectives and meet regularly with service users to plan how personal goals can be met.

One to one counselling: Time-limited one to ones for more specific issues related to substance use; such as managing anxiety or relapse prevention.

Structured groupwork: Using cognitive behavioural and motivational techniques we offer group work programmes which support clients in the different stages of changing substance using behaviour.

Aftercare and Throughcare Services

The Aftercare/Throughcare service assists clients in developing the skills and confidence to start making more positive and meaningful use of their time. This might be by accessing education, training or employment, being sporty, creative or doing some voluntary work.

Naloxone and ‘Save a Life’ training.

We aim to reduce the risk of overdose by discussing the myths and facts of overdose and working with the Red Cross to provide a certificate in life saving skills. We also provide drug users with a dose of Naloxone and training on how to administer it in the event of an overdose.

Shared Care

Shared care workers manage substitute prescribing and provide key worker support for heroin and other opiate users. The service is delivered from local surgeries in partnership with GPs.

Employment and Training

DHI runs a variety of employment, training and volunteer services. These include our social enterprise schemes, in which clients run commercial schemes whose profits go to paying running costs. We also run schemes in which we help find clients voluntary work with other organisations or to take up places in further education.