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Client stories

Jim’s Story

I was in addiction for 20-odd years from around the age of 12 until the age of 33 – cannabis when I was 12, then the party drugs, the rave scene, pills, acid. I eventually got into heroin at the age of 22.

Edwina’s Story

You could say that my story started years ago, but it took me a long time to realise what was going on. When I got divorced, I got the kids and the dogs, and my ex got the house, the TV and the hi-fi - all the things that are easy to take for granted as part of a home. But I was incredibly naïve and very young – I thought I could manage everything and rebuild our lives.

Charlie’s Story

From the beginning, my life wasn't good – I was born into a broken home and there were always fights in the family. I was constantly moved around children's homes and poor houses. Even as a child, my life was in turmoil. But when you're little, you just don't know what's happening – you don't understand any of it, you think it's just normal. But as a child, I had no life at all, really. I grew up very frightened and knowing that I was not loved.

Pete’s story

40 year old Pete (who wishes to remain anonymous) gives his account of receiving support from DHI.

John at the DHI market stall

John’s story

If anyone has the right to say that life has its ups and downs it’s John, whose story we feature here...