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Recovery Team

DHI runs a football team for clients in partnership with Julian House DHI runs a football team for clients in partnership with Julian House

As well as making sure that people who need DHI’s help know of our services, the Recovery Team make sure that everyone with drug issues is fully assessed and a comprehensive plan for their progress - the careplan - is created.

They also run a range of activities that ensure that clients have the chance to overcome social isolation and develop new skills and interests.


The Recovery Team members will draw up a plan with a DHI client which looks at the issues they might have that they need help with in their journey back to independent living, such as health, housing, social, education, financial and substance use.

A careplan sets short and long-term achievable targets for clients. Someone with debts might agree that they will take documents about their finances to a debt adviser within a week, for instance. Or someone with difficulties with basic mathematics might agree to sign up for a course at a local college.

The care-plan is reviewed and, if necessary, adjusted every few weeks by the members of staff - the keyworker - with the client.


DHI runs various activities that help clients can develop new interests and build friendships as part of their move to indendent living. The lack of a social life can be part of the reason that people turn to alcohol or drugs.

These activities includes clients writing and editing our Off the Wall magazine, published every two months and full of stories about clients’ lives. More details.

It also includes activities such as our gardening group, book club, football club, golf group, film club and our acupuncture service.