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Alcohol Service

Our Alcohol Service ensures that our clients have the support they need to give up alcohol and get back an independent life.


The team run group sessions for clients that give them practical advice and motivation that helps them on their journey towards abstinence. It also runs one-to-one counselling sessions so that clients can explore the reasons they turned to alcohol and how they can cut down or stop their use. Clients who have already stopped their use also benefit from groups and counselling to help them stay off alcohol. As well as in Bath, the team also work in Midsomer Norton. More details on these services are below.

Support for clients with alcohol issues

Clients who have problems with alcohol may see the Team's Alcohol Liaison Workers who goes to hospitals and GP surgeries to offer advice and information on cutting down drinking.

Clients can attend a Planning for Recovery Group where they get information on preparing them for life after a detox. There is also the Abstinence Group for those who have stopped drinking completely. The groups look at practical immediate solutions to problems with drinking.

The Team also offers one-to-one counselling geared towards relapse prevention and is delivered using trained volunteers.

The Team meets with midwives, police, nurses and other hospital staff to encourage them to talk to patients with alcohol problems about their drinking.