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The Engagement Team provides the Single Point of Entry (SPOE) into DHI's services for Bath & North East Somerset as well as ensuring that people know about the services that DHI offers through outreach.

The Single Point of Contact (SPOC) provides a higly accessible entry point via phone (01225 329411), web or in person Monday to Friday 10am - 7pm and 10am - 1pm Saturdays.  Outside of these hours there will be a 24 hour answer-phone and the website provides useful information for clients and professionals.

Triages will be offered at point of contact in most cases, or within one working day and will include; information, alcohol audit, brief advice and signposting.  A follow on assessment appointment will also be given at time of triage.

Outreach involves staff members who walk round the streets of Bath and some of the nearby towns and offer advice to anyone who is homeless or needing help with drug or alcohol problems. They also visit drop-in centres and needle exchange points run by other charities. 

The staff carry out promotions, attend public events such as concerts, and run exhibition stands in shopping centres. They also go to local businesses, doctors' surgeries and pharmacies to give out information.

By doing this the engagement team wants to makes sure that everyone knows that help is available and advice can be given face-to-face to those who need it immediately.

The Engagement team also provide a needle exchange service providing free confidential advice and information, a large range of equipment, free blood born virus testing and kidney and liver function testing, all of which is delivered in a non-judgemental environment.  The team always encourages and reminds individuals of the importance of returning used equipment.

The needle exchange is located at the Riverside Health Centre on James Street West, Bath, BA1 2BT. Opening hours are Tuesday 3pm – 5pm, Thursday 4pm – 7pm and Friday 3pm - 5pm.