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Peter’s House

Peter’s House has been offering support to vulnerable people in Yeovil, Somerset as a shared house for people with drug and alcohol issues since 2014.

Peter’s House was founded as a temporary night shelter after Peter Love set up an outreach soup project to assist vulnerably housed people in 1987. This led to the current house in Yeovil which opened its doors in 1998, soon becoming the only night shelter within a 40 mile radius.  With the prospect of Peter’s House Projects’ funding from the Big Lottery ending, the charity made the difficult decision to close its doors after existing clients were found suitable alternative accommodation in late 2013.  

DHI run a number of services across Somerset and were able to partner with Peter’s House Projects. The charities voted unanimously to merge, and following refurbishment, an additional one bedroom taking the total accommodation to a four bedroom house was created. Peter’s House will play a crucial role in Somerset’s integrated Drug and Alcohol services, in which DHI is a key partner, providing housing and support to services users in recovery.