Stimulant, Psychoactive, Club and Experimental Drugs (SPACED) is a DHI led multi-agency project run in South Gloucestershire to help raise awareness and give people free advice, information and recovery support on all SPACED drugs.

Substances include mephedrone, cocaine, ecstasy, crystal meth, speed, crack, ketamine and many more.

As part of our Novel Psychoactive Substances pilot in South Gloucestershire we are researching NPS/’legal highs’ use and developing services to better meet local needs. As well as providing specialist 1:1 advice and support for users of NPS, we also provide NPS Awareness Training for partner agencies working in South Gloucestershire.

Please visit our SPACED website for more information about specific drugs, the services we offer as well as how to contact the SPACED team.

You can also follow SPACED on Facebook and Twitter.