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Treatment Service

DHI's Treatment Team works with drug and alcohol users to give them psycho-social support in the form of a programme of group sessions. These include:

Treatment Induction Group

This is the first appointment for all drug clients. The group provides a relaxed space where any questions clients have can be discussed.

Engagement Group

Those who want to explore making changes will find this group is suitable. Topics in this group are designed to help build on thoughts of reducing or stopping drug use and include discussions about practical steps ythat can be taken to achieve these goals.

Into Action Group

The Into Action group is for clients who want help to make and maintain positive changes in their lives. This group is delivered at Warmley and Yate for a period of twelve weeks and has elements of motivational interviewing, brief solution focussed therapies and cognitive-behavioural therapy. Clients will need to be referred to this group by their care co-ordinator.

Relapse Prevention Group

The Relapse Prevention group is suitable for people who have made changes to their lifestyles and have achieved their goals. This group support people in maintaining their new lifestyle and equips them with the tools they will need to continue this independently. This group is delivered once a week in the evening at both Warmley and Yate and lasts eight weeks.

Open Group

This is open to drug and alcohol clients at various stages of recovery. There are no set subjects in this group and clients can use this opportunity as an introduction to groups to gain a greater understanding of groups , join in open discussions in the group and develop their skills.

Women's Group

This provides a space for women to discuss issues that they would not feel comfortable talking about in a mixed group.

Complementary therapies

Auricular Acupuncture is delivered regularly during the week in both Warmley and Yate and involves the insertion of fine needles in each ear. Clients' drug or alcohol craving is reduced and they feel more relaxed and this can help the process of detoxification. Guided meditation is delivered once a week in Warmley and focusses on helping clients to relax, concentrate and find inner peace. Clients learn various techniques that they can use during their daily lives.