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Help Yourself

At DHI we recognise that sometimes people prefer to find out for themselves what support is available rather than speaking to us directly on the phone or coming in for an appointment

The links and resources on this page are aimed at helping you do just that.

Find out how your drugs use compares to others in your area at www.drugsmeter.com

If you’re not ready to stop using drugs or drink, there’s plenty you can do to keep yourself safe and reduce the harm you could be doing.

Useful daily tips and quotes can be found at 

Information for clinicians can be found at

There’s lots of advice and information about drugs and alcohol on the web. We’ve ‘road tested’ a number:

Resources for drugs education at www.kfx.org.uk
Live chat and glossary of drugs at www.talktofrank.com
A useful assessment tool for ketamine: K-Check
Information about NPS, previously called ‘legal highs’ www.spaced-sg.org.uk

There’s lots of sites for people who are already on a journey towards reducing or stopping their substance misuse, have a look at:


Family members and loved ones can play a huge role in the recovery of someone who wants to work towards reducing or stopping their drugs or alcohol use. There’s plenty of support available, including videos, at: