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Facts and figures

Below is some information about the clients who engage in DHI services.

Taken from the 2013 DHI Annual Report:

102 young people engaged with Project 28 have reduced the amount of units per week or frequency of drinking episodes.

70% of service users in our supported dry houses have obtained or returned to paid employment by service exit.

Approximately 90% of service users exiting treatment services at DHI did not re-present.

Out of 193 clients who needed support in securing housing 134 clients were successful doing so through the Reach service.

68.5% of criminal justice clients on an alcohol treatment requirement have completed with a successful outcome.

19 homeless clients were  housed through Home Turf Lettings in its first full year of trading.

The Brokerage and Information Service supported 113 clients to gain greater independence and more choice over the support they receive.

Taken from the 2012 DHI Annual Report:

76% of DHI clients in B&NES successfully completed alcohol treatment.

Every day DHI is working to improve the lives of 1,637 people.

There was a 77% reduction in alcohol related offending by alcohol treatment clients and an increase of 44% in working days.

DHI helped 63% of criminal justice clients to reduce their criminal activity.

76% of people using our Social Prescribing service felt their quality of life improved.

73% of drug rehabilitation (DRR) clients reduced their substance abuse.

63% of Handy Help trainees were successful in finding additional paid jobs through the scheme.

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