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DHI volunteer profile - Charlie

Charlie is a volunteer who wants to use his experience as a DHI service user to help others and develop a career.  

“As an ex-drug user and someone who slept rough for many years, I used to suffer from the common issues of low self esteem and poor employment prospects," he said.

"I had worked in bars and shops but never what I’d called a career. When I was in recovery I started volunteering on DHI’s allotment. It motivated and challenged me. For me, it was the most purposeful thing I could do with my time while I was recovering. It showed me a different way of life, a way in which I could be creative and satisfied, by seeing and tasting the results of my efforts.

"Over time, my volunteering developed the skills and confidence I needed to apply for paid employment.

"As well as working, I am now studying counselling at college and I volunteer in a different role with DHI, to practice the skills I’m learning from my course. It’s perfect for me, I can use my personal experience and training to help others facing the same issues I have faced myself. Not only that, but I’m developing a long term career.”

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