About the service

RSVP is a specialist service for people who have become confrontational or aggressive towards their partner, ex-partner or family members.

We understand that changing behaviour is a very difficult process so RSVP aims to help you with understanding the problems you face.

How we help

RSVP can give you the tools to make some positive changes therefore enabling you to have a respectful relationship with your partner and family.

Our service can help you to explore:

  • Looking at the cause of violence
  • The different types of abuse
  • What your triggers are
  • Ways to reduce risk to others
  • How to manage your emotions in a positive way for the future

We do not provide Out of Hours or emergency support. If you need help in an emergency or outside of our working hours (9am-5pm Monday to Friday), visit our Out of hours help page.

Accessing the service


01225 329411


07970 889165


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