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Families & Carers

Una, who is part of DHI's Families & Carers team Una, who is part of DHI's Families & Carers team

DHI is working to reduce the impact on families and others affected by someone else's drug and alcohol use by supporting them with relevant information, coping strategies and problem management. We also promote the benefits of families being involved positively in treatment wherever possible.


webFAM is our online self assessment and information tool for the families and carers of people struggling with drugs or alcohol. It is a completely free and confidential way to reflect on your needs and get some advice. Check it out at http://webfam.dhi-online.org.uk.

South Gloucestershire - Families & Carers

The Families Also Matter service (FAM) offers 1:1 counselling, 4TWO (for any two family members, including those in treatment), family conferences and family support groups.

FAM organises Saturday seminars where family members can meet in a mutually supportive environment and attend workshops.

Limited funding is available for South Gloucestershire residents to apply for a place on the Broadway Lodge Family Programmes (one day or three days). To be eligible for this programme, family members are expected to attend the family group for at least six sessions prior to application and four sessions following completion.

FAM also offers training for other professionals on working with families and substance misuse.

For further details on families and carers services in South Gloucestershire please call 0800 0733011 or for further contact details visit our contact page.

Bath & NE Somerset - Family Services

DHI run Healthy Families, a free and confidential service for people in B&NES who are concerned about drug and alcohol use by people they know well.

Drugs and alcohol can harm not just the people who take them but their families, friends and colleagues.

The Healthy Families service runs groups where those who are concerned can discuss their situation and find new ways of dealing with others’ use. The group can support them in difficult circumstances.

In Bath the group meets on Thursdays from 6pm to 7.30pm at The Beehive, Beehive Yard, Walcot Street, Bath BA1 5BD (01225 329411).

One group participant, Nicky, said: "I have been to DHI for three weeks and I am learning how alcohol affects a person. This puts into perspective what has been happening to me.

"I am listening to others and beginning to feel I am not alone. I can empathise with others, as they can with me. That is a good feeling.

"Little by little I can distance myself from my husband's alcoholic behaviour and concentrate on myself. I used to think I should concentrate on him and his behaviour; this was bringing me down.

"I am learning there is a different view or way which I have been unable to see, because I am in the situation - it is like wearing blinkers. I now have the choice to see, and maybe act, in a different way."

Ann, another participant, said: "When I started attending meetings I was feeling very stressed and unsure of myself. I was unable to identify what I felt or what I would like to happen.

"I am more relaxed now and I realise that I was angry with myself for allowing someone else to control and manipulate me.

"The sessions have helped me to regain my self-confidence and feel strong enough to stand up for my rights and make some changes. I am staying in contact with him but only on my terms."

Bristol - Families & Carers

The Bristol families and carers service work with all those affected by someone else’s substance use by supporting them to learn more about drug addiction and treatment, and to learn new skills to better cope with problems as they arise.  We also promote the benefit of family members becoming involved in treatment services whenever this is appropriate as this has been shown to be hugely beneficial to those suffering from addiction.

We are able to see those affected by someone else’s addiction at sites throughout the Bristol area and are able to offer;

  • One-to-One sessions with a Family Practitioner
  • Facilitated group sessions with other people in similar situations
  • Solution focused counselling with a Counsellor
  • Family meetings

For further details on families and carers services in Bristol please call 0117 9166588 or visit their website here.