Fundraising for DHI helps us to turn around more lives and help people to live independently.

By fundraising, you will not only raise vital funds so that we can help more people in a more personalised way, but you will also raise the profile of our services.

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Give up your gifts

Maybe you've got a birthday coming up, or even a wedding? If there's nothing you particularly want as a gift, you could ask for donations instead.

Host an event

Are you having friends round for a dinner party? Why not ask your guests for a donation to DHI in exchange for the delicious meal you've cooked?

Give up drinking

By giving up drinking for a month, you can do something good for your own health as well as doing something good for others.

Jump out of a plane

With a parachute of course! Doing something that terrifies you can be a great way to inspire family and friends to donate to a good cause.

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