Sadhana's Story

Sadhana's Story

Sadhana was terrified of doing a skydive, but she pushed herself to her limits and smashed her fundraising target (raising nearly double what she had hoped to raise).

In her own words, this is why she did it:

"I skydived for my friend who lost her only child to substance abuse, for my dear friend and brother who is turning his life around after a long period of substance abuse, for a young person who deliberately threw herself in front of our car to escape from parental substance misuse, for a young person I saw in the court very upset and all those young people I see at the youth offending services – just want to wish them safe, secure and healthy life.

"I feel all this pain can be minimised by educating our children and helping them understand the facts and risks around using drugs and alcohol including the impact of using these on their mental and physical health, homework and social life.

"Project 28 does exactly that. It reaches out to young people through variety of their programmes, provides flexible and non-judgemental space for children to share their experiences, and give the young people the opportunity to be children again."

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