Personal Stories

"At DHI, there is always someone there to help."

“It’s 212 days for me now and I still celebrate every day that I haven’t used drugs.”

“I suppose it wasn’t an ideal situation, in hindsight!”

"Now I’m thinking about my hopes for the future and my dream of working in health care"

"Having a home is essential for a full life, and Home Turf Lettings have given me that."

"I completed groups online. If it wasn’t for that support, I wouldn’t be alive today.”

“We were in lockdown but I was still able to sign up to all of DHI’s recovery programmes”

"I’m now able to focus on doing nice things with my children and moving my life forwards."

"It was such a relief to know I wasn’t alone"

"I’ve regained my independence"

"For me, DHI has been a parachute on my back"

Ali ran the Bath Half marathon for us but, because of snow, she had to train for it twice!

Despite it being one of her greatest fears, Sadhana threw herself out of a plane for DHI.

"Luckily, my GP referred me to DHI's Social Prescriber"

"DHI couldn’t change the situation but they helped me to be the best I could at that time"

"Thanks to the support I received I'm now looking at a return to medicine."

"It was only by engaging with DHI that I began to turn my life around"