Arran's Story

Arran's Story

Arran's story began with depression and trying to control his drinking. However, just drinking at weekends soon turned to drinking every evening, then during the day and in the morning. He says that he needed to drink each day before doing anything else, just to 'feel human again'.

Over time, this daily routine became unbearable, and Arran decided to go to his GP, who referred him to DHI.

We helped Arran prepare for a community detox through group work and peer support. The groups allowed Arran to address the underlying issues in a safe environment and prepare for the difficult period ahead.

Arran successfully detoxed at Colston Fort, but continued to get help from DHI. Continuing to attend groups and having peers just a phone call away is what helped Arran to solidify his recovery. He was able to identify potential 'traps' and seek the specific support he needed to avoid them.

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