Celebrating 20 years of DHI: The Vision Project

Celebrating 20 years of DHI: The Vision Project

The government drugs czar, Keith Hellawell (right), on a visit to DHI shortly after it was founded in 1999 by Rosie Phillips (centre)

Developing Health & Independence has always been an innovative and solution focused charity, led by our vision and values in the face of challenge. That’s why, rather than looking backwards, we have decided to spend our 20th anniversary year looking forwards.

Over the next year, with the help of experts and thought leaders, we will be exploring how we can achieve our vision to:

End social exclusion by ensuring that everyone has their basic needs met and is able to thrive by contributing to the richness and wellbeing of their community.

We will provide a platform for people to debate the best ways to achieve this for the people we work with: those affected by poor housing, homelessness, substance misuse and social isolation, in particular those who face multiple disadvantage as a result of poverty, social marginalisation or childhood trauma.

How will we do this?

Throughout the year, we will be publishing articles on our website by a variety of people including: Danny Kushlick (founder of Transform Drug Policy Foundation), Stephen Robertson (Chief Executive of The Big Issue Foundation), Amanda Deeks (Chief Executive of South Gloucestershire Council), plus our own Chief Executive, Rosie Phillips.

There are many people who we have worked with over the last 20 years who have interesting ideas about how we can end social exclusion. Not everyone will agree with all of them, and we may not agree with some, but we want to encourage a debate because social exclusion won’t be ended if nothing changes.

In the next few months, we will also be launching a podcast series produced by our friends at Somer Valley FM. This will look at the reality of social exclusion for our client group, how DHI helps and how we as a society can do more.

One thing we’re particularly excited for is 'Just Say It', the event that we will be hosting for young people on 26th March. It’s pointless to talk about the future without hearing the voices of young people. We want to know what they think can be done to prevent today’s young people from becoming the socially excluded adults of the future. How can we address the challenges that face young people today: from new drugs to the mental health impacts of social media and the housing crisis?

As usual, we will be holding our Reach Out conference (13th June) and our Annual Event (7th November), but this year with a Vision Project spin on them.

We’ve got a few more things being planned which we will announce in the coming weeks and months, so to make sure you get all the latest news, sign up to our mailing list.

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