Councillors visit Home Turf Lettings

Councillors visit Home Turf Lettings

Bath & North East Somerset's Cabinet Member and Cabinet Assistant for Homes, Cllrs Liz Richardson and Bob Goodman respectively, have praised Home Turf Lettings on their fifth birthday.

The two councillors visited a Home Turf Lettings (HTL) property in Bath to find out more about the work going on in the area. The property they visited was one of HTL's Homes of Multiple Occupation, set aside for those people who are single and under 35 (who are only eligible for the 'shared accommodation rate' of the Local Housing Allowance, £72.49 per week). They met Adam, a tenant living in the house, who told them about how he wouldn't have been able to live in Bath and maintain a good relationship with his children without HTL existing to ensure people like him have housing.

Rosie Phillips, DHI Chief Executive, and Nikki Cottrell, Home Turf Lettings Manager, talked with the Cllrs Richardson and Goodman about the work done by HTL and the wider issues of housing in Bath & North East Somerset, as well as across the West of England region that HTL works across.

Cllr Liz Richardson said: "Congratulations to Home Turf Lettings on their 5th anniversary. I hope this locally important service continues to grow and thrive."

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