DHI launches new podcast

DHI launches new podcast

Dom Chambers interviews Rosie Phillips

“I turned out the light, I laid back in the bed and I thought ‘what happens now?’ Is there another switch to turn off? I have no idea what to do. How do I get to sleep without alcohol?”

That’s an experience described in the first of four episodes of the Developing Health & Independence (DHI) Podcast, to mark our 20th anniversary.

The four-episode series, which has been produced by Dom Chambers, will officially launch on Thursday 19 September at 12pm on Somer Valley FM (97.5 MHz in the Somer Valley area), and can be downloaded from www.dhi-online.org.uk/podcast or by searching ‘The DHI Podcast’ in your chosen podcast app.

Episode one focuses around John’s story. John gives a detailed and moving account of his early childhood trauma which led him into care, alcohol and drugs, and finally into prison, before getting the support he needed.

Rosie Phillips, DHI’s founder and Chief Executive, said: “This podcast series is something we wanted to do to mark our 20th anniversary. We felt it was important to share the stories of some of the remarkable people who have been part of the organisation, in particular those who have overcome personal difficulties and turned their lives around. Everyone’s story is different but, in common with others, John’s story shows why everyone should be given the opportunity to achieve their potential, and that many do. Through the podcasts we hope to reach more people, to help reduce stigma so more people talk and get the support they need.”

Dom Chambers, founder of Somer Valley FM and host of the podcast, added: “I am proud to have been asked to produce this series by DHI, who we have known and worked alongside for many years. A lot of the issues DHI deal with and topics raised in the podcasts are not comfortable for many of us, but I cannot think of a single person in the 30 years I’ve been professionally broadcasting, or indeed in my family and friends circles, who are not affected one way or another by the issues raised.”

Further episodes will be released during the autumn and will cover the reasons why DHI’s work is vital to people, how the connections that are the foundation of stable living are broken, and what can be done to rebuild them. They will also highlight the work DHI does with young people and ask how DHI is preparing for the next 20 years.

The podcasts are part of a larger series of activities that DHI are running all this year. The Vision Project is a programme of activities including articles, podcasts and events which, rather than looking backwards, is looking to the future and how we as a society need to respond to today’s causes of social exclusion.

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