“It's still surreal to see what DHI has done for me. I wake up feeling sorted.” – William’s story

“It's still surreal to see what DHI has done for me. I wake up feeling sorted.” – William’s story

In the cycle of addiction and incarceration, William found himself caught in a cycle of chaos and transience. An inheritance at 18 led him down a path of substance abuse and brushes with the law.

"I received an inheritance when I was 18 and ended up buying a property with it, finding myself suddenly surrounded by quite a lot of people who were very friendly to me. I wouldn't say I was easily led, but certain opportunities arose for me.

“Then drugs got involved. I was always the youngest in the group I was with. They were criminally minded and whatnot, and it all looked very glamorous, to be perfectly honest with you. I followed in their footsteps.”

"I've spent about 10 years in prison altogether. Being locked in a room for 10 years does something to you." William admits a decade behind bars took its toll on William.

The prospect of residential rehab changed everything.

“I was asked if I would take residential rehab if [it was] offered. I thought, yeah, of course I will.

“Anything, you know?”

William found stability in housing, but this is short lived after a fire forced him out. That is when DHI, with the help of Resonance, stepped in and found suitable accommodation for William.

"It's still surreal to see what DHI has done for me," William says. "They've set me up with everything I need – white goods, furniture, a decent shower. I wake up feeling sorted."

With DHI's support, William finds himself on steadier ground. "I'm lucky," he says simply, looking ahead with newfound optimism.

DHI's commitment to stable housing offers hope to those like William, navigating the turbulent waters of recovery.

Grateful to DHI for their unwavering support in rebuilding lives.

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Many thanks to our partners at Resonance for making this possible.

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