MDMA: Know Your Stuff

MDMA: Know Your Stuff

After two disrupted summers following the pandemic, festival season is back.

Anticipation and excitement amongst a whole new generation of festivalgoers is likely to be extremely high, which is why DHI is launching a new campaign aimed at providing clear and practical harm reduction advice for young people who choose to use MDMA this summer.

DHI’s MDMA: Know Your Stuff campaign features a range of bold illustrations with seven practical tips to help people stay safe when using MDMA / ecstasy. They are:

  1. Test before you ingest
  2. Start low with 1/4 a pill or a small dab
  3. Take breaks from dancing to help you cool off
  4. Wait at least 1 hour before re-dosing
  5. Avoid mixing with other drugs or alcohol
  6. Sip water at a rate of 1 pint an hour
  7. If you feel unwell, seek help

The break in socialising has created a void in peer-to-peer knowledge around staying safe in a festival environment. MDMA is often used in places like nightclubs and festivals, where people will be dancing and potentially consuming other drugs, including alcohol. Cooling off from the dance floor and sipping water one can help the user to take care of themselves whilst under the influence.

Another key issue is dosage level. When taking a pill there is no way of knowing how much MDMA is actually in it without getting it tested. Many pills currently in circulation in the UK have high doses of MDMA and doses over 125mg not only increase risks, but are also less euphoric, with positive feelings replaced by excessive agitation.

Drug related deaths are devastating for families and communities and preventable through harm reduction policies and practices. So please share details of our Know Your Stuff campaign far and wide.

Further information about MDMA:

Get help and support in South Glos. Call: 0800 073 3011 or email

DHI's MDMA: Know Your Stuff campaign has been partly funded by South Gloucestershire Council

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