Reach Out 2020

Reach Out 2020

We are holding our annual Reach Out Conference online during carers week, from 11am on June 11, to support those caring for someone addicted to drugs or alcohol. It will be live streamed to our Facebook page:

Rosie Phillips, Chief Executive of DHI, said: “Sadly there is still a huge stigma for the families of those addicted to drugs or alcohol. Too many suffer alone needlessly, as it is not uncommon to know someone close with a drug or alcohol problem. During the coronavirus lockdown, research from Alcohol Concern shows that up to a fifth of regular drinkers are drinking more than normal, while sadly we also see that calls to the National Domestic Violence Helpline are up by half.

“DHI hold this event every year for people who are affected by their loved one’s substance use, but this year it feels closer to our hearts than ever. It is hard at the best of times to care for someone with a drug or alcohol problem, but coronavirus brings with it new challenges. People are either shut in with their loved one, or completely physically separated from them – neither of which is desirable. So, rather than cancel the event, we are running a full programme just like we would any other year, but have simply moved it online.”

Jenny, a family member who got support from DHI, said: “I still remember the first group I attended. It was such a relief to know I wasn’t alone and there were other families who knew exactly what we were going through. I got counselling, support from others in similar situations and practical advice for how to set boundaries. This not only allowed me to survive this time, but I believe that those boundaries helped my daughter to finally get into recovery.”

We run family support services across the West of England, helping those caring for someone with a drug or alcohol problem to take care of themselves. Support includes: groups; information advice and guidance; and access to a professional for one-to-one help. For further information see

The event will feature:

  • Phil Harris – author, lecturer, and psychologist – will review key ideas in addiction and the stresses these generate for families.
  • Andrew Graham from DHI, who will launch a new version of our online tool, webFAM, a resource recently updated due to Lottery funding.
  • The opportunity to join an online group support session.

You can sign up for the event using the form below.

With thanks to Bristol Charities for helping to fund this year's conference.

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