The benefits of partnership

The benefits of partnership

Denise came to DHI's South Gloucestershire Drug and Alcohol Service because she was using alcohol problematically and wanted to get help to control her drinking.

Her drinking was partly caused by severe anxiety, which made her unable to talk to others or build relationships. At DHI, we always want to help clients overcome their underlying problems, so we referred her to the Wellbeing Coordinator in the service. The Wellbeing Coordinator is a key part of the partnership between DHI and Southern Brooks - an employee of Southern Brooks who works in our service directly with our clients.

Denise was enrolled in and completed a mindfulness course, and was supported to visit projects in her local area. She is now volunteering directly with Southern Brooks in a new community garden project. She's now able to better manage her anxiety and is building confidence daily. As a result of this, Denise has now fortunately hugely reduced her drinking and she's making great progress in our service.

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