The Wrap’s education resources available to buy for UK schools

The Wrap’s education resources available to buy for UK schools

DHI’s The Wrap’s online drugs and alcohol education package, which was launched last year for Wiltshire schools, has been so successful DHI is now planning to sell it to schools across the UK.

DHI’s online advice tool for young people – The Wrap – developed the range of specialist resources after identifying the need for honest and down to earth advice for young people. The resources aim to ensure young people are better informed about risk taking behaviours, such as sex or drug and alcohol use, with a view to putting them in control of their decisions and minimise risk.

Featuring young actors and created by young people working with our youth service in Wiltshire - Connect YP - they explore issues linked to alcohol, cannabis, cocaine, ketamine, MDMA and exploitation through “county lines” – an increasing concern for police and youth workers in rural areas.

As well as the up to date information on drugs and alcohol they also tackle other difficult subjects that effect children including relationships and mental health. Discussion based exercises, which cover Key Stage 3, 4 and 5, look at effects and risk with a focus on how to stay safe.

From June the educational resources are available nationally for schools to buy as part of their Personal, Social, Health and Economic (PSHE) National Curriculum and the recently launched Relationship, Health and Sex Education (RSHE).

The six dedicated lesson plans can be downloaded for a donation of £100 to DHI. Any profits from sales will be used to further develop The Wrap and its resources.

Helen Kerr, assistant head teacher at The John of Gaunt School, Wiltshire, who piloted The Wrap’s education pack said: “As a leader in a comprehensive school having access to such a useful resource means that we are able to deliver this essential education to our students. We are confident knowing that the knowledge base that underpins The Wrap and these resources mean our students are able to access the most up to date and relevant information empowering them to take control of their decision-making so they remain safe.”

To view the educational packages available, click here.

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