Tina's Story

Tina's Story

“My Name is Tina and I am a Peer Supporter for DHI, and I am a recovering alcoholic.

It was a Saturday in 2015 that things took a turn for the worse for me. I was already drinking alcoholically, but with my children out with their dads I really went for it. I ended up in a police cell for my drunken behaviour, and my children were not allowed to come home.

Through drinking I lost almost everything, but it was that loss which encouraged me to sober up. I contacted DHI in Bristol for help, and I got sober with a lot of support. I am still sober today, 19 months in.

I was later encouraged to take part in the DHI training course to become a Peer Supporter. The DHI Peer Support service has helped me get on the path to freedom. I have progressed and grown a lot through helping others. I really enjoy being a peer and doing things I never thought I would ever do. It’s even better to be able to listen and be there for someone else who now needs the help that I was lucky to get.”

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