Top tips for safer drinking during the Euros final

As England play in their first major tournament final for over half a century, we want to make sure that football doesn’t just come home, but the fans also get home safely. That’s why we’ve launched our top tips for safer drinking on Sunday, which we’d encourage everyone to follow.

If you think you need a bit more help with cutting down or stopping drinking, then we can help. Our services can give you the tools you need to change your relationship with alcohol in a positive way.

DHI's Top Tips

1) Plan ahead

Decide when you will start drinking, decide what your limit will be and stick to that. Remember that starting drinking too early or drinking too quickly could mean you don’t make it to the final whistle.

2) Don’t drink to quench your thirst

If you’re thirsty, then have some water or a soft drink first. It will mean you don’t drink as much or as quickly. By avoiding salty snacks like crisps and nuts, you’ll also not get as thirsty.

3) Lower the percentage

Take a look at the ABV when choosing your drinks and choose the lower alcohol options and/or dilute your drinks. Have a shandy or spritzer and use mixers for spirits instead of doing shots.

4) Eat before you drink

Having a meal before you drink will help slow the absorption of alcohol and will mean you don’t drink to fill an empty stomach.

5) Avoid drinking in rounds

Buy your own drinks and explain that you don’t want to have to ‘keep up’ with other people’s drinking. Alternatively, order soft drinks or smaller quantities (e.g. half pints) for some rounds or skip rounds.

6) Be a good mate

Obviously this means keeping an eye on each other and making sure everyone gets home safely, but it also means not pressuring people into drinking more than they want to. If someone is sitting out a round, having a half or a shandy, or not drinking at all, then that’s their choice. Respect your friends’ choices.

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