Fundraising and Marketing Privacy Notice

Developing Health & Independence (DHI) takes the privacy of your personal information seriously.

We collect the information about you as part of donations we receive directly (by cheque, cash or BACS payment), via online giving platforms, e-newsletter sign ups, registering for events, surveys and meetings with our staff. We also collect how you want to hear from us (your contact preferences).

The personal information we collect about you may include:

  • Title, name and gender
  • Postal address, email address, telephone number and mobile number
  • Family & spouse/partner details, relationships to other donors or organisations
  • Current interests and activities relevant to DHI’s work and our fundraising

We also collect and hold information about the contact you make and activities you take part in with DHI and this may consist of:

  • Donation details
  • Event registration/attendance
  • Gift Aid status
  • Details of correspondence sent to you or received from you
  • Responses to surveys sent to you
  • Any other information provided by yourself that is relevant to your relationship with DHI

Why do we collect it?

We collect personal information from you to enable us to administer your donations correctly, and to help us build a positive relationship by contacting you in a way that is personal and relevant to you. This also helps DHI to be as efficient as possible in using its resources for marketing and other contact with our Friends and donors.

You can change your contact preferences at any time by contacting us.

There are some communications that we are required to send regardless of your contact preferences. These are essential communications, deemed necessary to fulfil our administrative obligations to you. This would include, thank you letters, Gift Aid confirmation letters and querying returned mail or incomplete cheques.

Gift Aid

In order to claim Gift Aid on your donations from HMRC, we need to hold records of your name and address, your tax status and donation details. Ensuring this information is accurate ensures that we claim Gift Aid correctly and can increase the value of the donations you give to us.

Financial Audit

We need to hold information about donations that you give to us to meet financial auditing requirements but also to help us understand how you support DHI so that we can talk to you about fundraising and supporting our work in a way that is relevant to you.

Areas of Interest

We may hold information about your particular areas of interest so we can send information to you about those aspects of our work. For example, if you tell us you have a particular interest in housing, we may then contact you in the future about a new housing project we are developing.

Address Information

In addition to Gift Aid requirements, we hold your address details so that, with the right permissions, we are able to send you appropriate information in the post.

What do we do with your information?

All the information we keep is stored securely. DHI stores users’ personal data inside the European Union. Some of our service providers and affiliated organisations may lie outside the EU. Therefore, sometimes we may transfer your data outside the EU. If we do, we ensure your data is processed only in countries that provide an adequate level of protection for your data or where the recipient provides appropriate safeguards, such as model contract clauses, binding corporate rules, or mechanisms like the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield framework. For a copy of such safeguards, please contact us.

Depending on your relationship with DHI, and the preferences you have indicated, data we hold may be used by us for the following purposes.

Send you promotional, marketing or fundraising information by post or electronic means.

These types of communications can include:

  • News and updates about DHI such as our regular “Friends Of” newsletter.
  • Fundraising appeals or to ask you to consider supporting us in other ways such as taking part in events.
  • Updates about very specific projects that you have supported.
  • Informing you of other activities, or events related to DHI such as volunteering and corporate partnerships.

Data screening and cleansing, to check if we have accurate contact details for you.

We regularly review our records to ensure they are as accurate as possible.

To send you surveys, and for market research purposes

Tools may be used to monitor the effectiveness of our communications with you

including email tracking, which records when an e-newsletter from us is opened and/or how many links are clicked within the message.

Tailoring what we tell you about.

We may use existing data about your previous engagement with DHI to find relevant information for particular activities or to tailor communication. An example might be that you live in a particular postcode catchment near to an event we are holding.

Research to help us understand our donors and potential donors.

If you do not want DHI to do research or profiling work in relation to your information, please email us at To help you decide, the following explains how and why we do this work and in what circumstances.

Being targeted and appropriate in our fundraising is more cost effective for DHI, helping us to support more socially excluded people in our communities.

We may combine the information you have given us with other publicly available information and create a profile of your interests and preferences, where they are relevant to engaging with DHI. We do this to help us determine whether and in what ways you might be interested in helping us. Examples might be:

  • That you are a director of a company with an interest in the housing industry
  • That you are a trustee of a grant making trust that exists to support socially excluded people
  • That you are a known philanthropist with an interest in and potential to give to our work

Our DHI fundraising staff carry out this work in house. Such research would be carried out where we have an opportunity to engage at a significant level or depth (so we do not research or profile the majority of our donors or other interested parties). Examples might include:

  • When you are meeting with our CEO or a trustee
  • When you have been referred by an existing high level DHI donor in your peer group who has introduced you to our work and you would like to meet with us
  • When you have self-identified through a high level donation or other senior level engagement

We also do this work to try to minimize any negative impact on your relationship with DHI. Examples might be:

  • Asking for a donation or an inappropriate level of donation
  • Trying to engage you in activities about which you have no interest

Where you are not already a DHI supporter, we will provide this privacy notice to you at the first available opportunity after any engagement with you.

If you have any questions about our supporter research work or if you would like to tell us more about yourself and your interests in relation to DHI please get in touch.

Due diligence research

DHI’s trustees have a duty to ensure that there is no reputational or other risk to the organization in accepting a gift or other support. We may therefore need to carry out research which is necessary to ensure we comply with this duty. For more information on the type of information required and the circumstances when this might apply, you can visit this Charity Commission link: and refer to Chapter 2, Tool 6: Know your donor