Self Help Portal

DHI Online's Self Help Portal – your comprehensive digital resource for self-guided support and information. Navigate through our self-help tools, treatment programmes, and curated listings to find specific information on drugs & alcohol, and empower you to take proactive steps towards positive and lasting change.

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Self Help Tool

Use our self-help tool tool to get personalised information and advice about your drug and alcohol use.

Self Help Resources

These self help tools have been designed to allow you to make changes to your drug and alcohol use. You can work through them in any order, and at your own pace.

Drug & Alcohol Information

It's important to know as much as possible about any drug you are using. Here, you will find information about commonly used drugs, including the risks and how to keep yourself safe.

Treatment Programme

This treatment program has been specifically designed to start, maintain and sustain your recovery. You can work through this program at your own pace, and with the help of your support worker.