Using drugs always carries risks, but if you choose to use MDMA/Ecstasy, then follow these tips to reduce those risks:

Test before you ingest

WEDINOS test of samples of drugs and post results on their website. There are also home reagent tests available to buy. Testing drugs can help you find out if what you've bought is what it was sold as, but it's important to remember that these tests are not perfect.

Start low with 1/4 a pill or a small dab

This is especially important with any new batch as MDMA can come in varying purities. If you start with a lower dose, you reduce the risk of overdose.

Take breaks from dancing to help you cool off

MDMA raises your body temperature, so it's important to make sure that you don't overheat.

Wait at least 1 hour before re-dosing

MDMA won't kick in straight away, so re-dosing too quickly can cause an overdose.

Sip water at a rate of 1 pint an hour

There is a danger of dehydration when using MDMA, but drinking too much water can also present risks. One pint an hour should be enough to keep you at the right level of hydration.

Avoid mixing with other drugs or alcohol

Different drugs can interact in your body, often in a negative or dangerous way. This chart shows which drug combinations have the most risks associated.

If you feel unwell, seek help

You can seek help from bar or security staff if you are out. Don't delay in calling 999 if it is an emergency.

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